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Freaked out

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In the past two weeks:

*I gained two roommates who are much better than ex-roommate from hell. (This is in addition to one other roommate, so we are a full house now)
*Trump became president.
*I ran 22 miles, fell, and busted my shoulder kinda bad
*Women marched. I stayed home licking my wounds.
*I interviewed for a new job at a company that I can be proud of, and even if I don't get that job, it is a step in the right direction.
*The EPA was silenced, Muslims were detained at the airport, and congress was passing bills to cut health insurance for 20 million people.
*I hiked to the top of Mount Diablo and THERE WAS SNOW!
*I watched Purple Rain with Dave. I miss Prince.
*My shoulder is getting better.

The future is scary. Any positive news comes with a deluge of negative news and I can't really be optimistic about anything. I hurt for my Muslim friends. I hurt for my Mexican friends. And I fear for my own safety as a Jew (even if it seems ridiculous to do so).

Fuck this president and fuck everything about the next four years, because even if he leaves with the trail of destruction close behind, he will be replaced with another lying son of a bitch.
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