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Much ado about moving.

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I moved down the street. I cleared out an apartment worth of items accumulated over my ten years of South Bay living, and it ended up involving two dump runs and several donations. I spread-sheeted my books. I got rid of some more clothing. I threw away expired food. I still have two carloads of stuff, but I think I am approaching the end of this slog, which is good because I can turn in my keys before midnight on Saturday. My new place is in a 4-plex. I have two roommates. One will be moving out soon so I will need to find a new one. I am the master tenant. I was skeptical about living here, but so far, the noise level is much more improved from the previous apartment. It also has hardwood floors, which will make it easier to live with my furballs. I may have to sleep with them in my bedroom for the first time, which should be interesting.

On the job front, I stopped applying for stuff through the holiday season. The job hunting will pick up again after New Years. My company appears to be humming along with certain deals, but I am pretty sure that if nothing closes in February people will start leaving. My co-workers tend to be more pessimistic and more depressive with each passing day. I am skeptical about our ability to succeed when we keep meandering down different pathways. I also don't like the idea of carbon sequestration very much anymore.

Trump was elected president a month ago. Just writing that sentence made me feel ill. I find solace in the fact that other people are equally terrified. Maybe we can find some common ground, because the next four years will be a horrible fight to preserve everything we value.

An artist space in Oakland burned down during a party this past Saturday. 36 people died needlessly in a fast blaze. While I never went to that particular venue, I have been to similar events, including one at NIMBY in Fruitvale and American Steel Studios. These places hold the hearts and souls of the artist community but some of them are unfortunately not being maintained properly. I cry every time I hear about another victim on the radio. I cry for a society that has taken to eating its young, because it can't sustain itself anymore. I cry because people have to be adversaries in a litigious society. Knee jerk reactions often lead to bad policies and ultimately no one wins.

2016 sucks. 2017 could be rock bottom, but I am hoping for the best.
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