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Near Death and Life.

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I almost had a bad accident on Saturday. I was taking the I-5, with plenty of time to kill, having left around 8 in the morning. I was in the right lane, trying not to be next to any cars. I had just finished a random phone conversation with my new property manager and I was peeking over to the left and I noticed an SUV about to merge into my lane, only it did not bother to check and see if I was there. I was probably traveling around 65 miles per hour. In any case, the SUV forced me off the road onto the gravel and I proceeded to slow down. The problem was that I had hit my brakes reflexively and my car began to fishtail. It spun back into the freeway directly into the path of other cars. Luckily for me, most of the cars behind me had stopped--maybe they had seen me swerve. I quickly pulled over to the left side and let all the cars pass, but I was incredibly panicked and I just sat there for about fifteen minutes freaking out and crying. I had to get gas and no one was going to help me, so I waited for a lull and I got back on the freeway, and I ended up getting home around 2pm. That was the biggest event this weekend, aside from having some family time.

I am moving down the street. I will be paying significantly less rent, and I will be trying to save some money for the future.
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