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It is Sunday night. I am in my Silicon Valley apartment. The only audible noise besides the typing of my keyboard is my neighbor watching a film downstairs. Last week, we elected a man for president who lied about who he was. We all lie sometimes. Maybe it is to save face, make a story sound pretty, or to make an employer not dismiss you immediately. Lying is American. However, this man's lies were allowed to escalate into a movement of destruction. What it will destroy, I am not sure, but our taxpayer dollars are being grifted into many bad things.

How did we get here 2016? Many opinions exist, but there is no nail on the head when there are 125 million people involved in any decision. My confidence in the power of government to solve problems is waning, even if my voice becomes louder. I still have hope that we can build housing in the Bay Area to include everyone, but I see people taking on their own agendas in something that should be a huge human effort to keep people from living in tents in one of the richest cities in the world. This might be the safest place to be for immigrants, for transgendered/queer individuals, for minorities of all kinds, but this is also a place that builds a wall and blocks people out. The selfishness gives me nausea.

My job, yes, I still have the same job, is in carbon capture. My CEO has turned the company into many things, probably one of the signs of the apocalypse, but one of those things was making a product for energy efficiency/cool roofing. I spent a good two weeks at my job in existential dread because I do not want to be a part of coal mining's revival, but part of my energy efficiency role might be spared if I am allowed to collaborate with a national lab on the roofing granules phase 2 study. Many people have been confident about our success in this area, although it was not the intent of the company. Meanwhile, I am still looking for a new job but it is hard to control those circumstances. However, I may have found a new place that is still close to work but will give me back my quiet and my hardwood floors.
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