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Bay Area prices make rash decisions pretty hard.

While things deteriorate at my job, I have been applying to jobs at a rate of 2-5 per week to try to flee to a more financially secure place. Some of these jobs have been nice enough to reject me with a form letter. I have not had an interview since the big one at Livermore National Labs in June. My ideal count for jobs applied to would be 10 except there are not that many jobs, or they are in the category of not overlapping with my skill set at all.

I have also been studying programming. It is a welcome break from thinking about work, but I would eventually like to go full time on studying.

Last night it took me two hours to drive from San Jose to Oakland. I am tired of living far away from my boyfriend and tired of living in San Jose in general. He seems to be a good sport about it (he is mostly busy with homework). I am wondering why I am making my personal life so miserable at the expense of staying employed. I can't quit my job without a life raft but I wish that it was not a central part of my life.
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On November 7th, 2016 03:14 am (UTC), quirkyfemme commented:
Oh yeah, I have been seeing this cool dude I have known for several years (since undergrad). He is luring me up to Oakland on the weekends, and potentially for a move if I can get a job up there!
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