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Life is really strange right now. Things are moving slowly, and I am not really sure what is going to happen.

A co-worker left for paternity leave last week. We are now down to three scientists. I wonder if there is any science left in us that will make us successful. I keep applying for jobs and hoping for successes. Sadly, job applications are a numbers game and there are not that many great opportunities right now. My current job isn't bad bad. It just isn't stable and it pays terrible for this area. It also gets harder when you become the focus of why the company isn't doing as well as it should. Sometimes, business is beyond your control.

There are many solutions I am exploring and one of them is trying not to leave. I have many important relationships here, one weighted more equally than others. That being said, it is hard not to wonder what it would be like once outside of this Bay Area bubble.

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