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Science · vs. · Romance

The weekend that wasn't and the weekend that was.

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My high school intern brought in what turned out to be a majorly contagious cold. Note to self: be more assertive about kicking out sick people at work who don't need to be there. I fell ill on Friday and I have not been able to shake the symptoms all weekend. Unfortunately, I had to miss the Grand Avenue bar crawl that was planned for Friday. On top of that, I missed the camping trip to Point Reyes that my friends planned a few months ago. On Sunday, I skipped a baby shower that I was invited to a week ago. All was not lost, as I managed to get some movies, some brunch, and some mini adventures in with Dave. We watched an old school Kung Fu movie called "Come Drink with Me" on Saturday and then a 1980s Japanese sci-fi anime called "Harmagedon" on Sunday. In an effort to get out of the house, we also walked through the Mountain View cemetery after discovering that the gates were actually located all the way down Piedmont Ave. We ended up overstaying our welcome by at least an hour and a half according to some annoyed security guards mostly because the cemetery is an expansive and fascinating place to visit. I am still sick and hoping that this sniffling and congested feeling does not continue much longer, but I guess a little downtime has to happen sometime.
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